About Mianwali

The history of the Mianwali Education Trust College, in short, reads as follows:

Founded in Mianwali City

In 1996 Dr.M.Z.K. Niazi was approached by Syed Tajammul Hussain, the then Commissioner of Sargodha Division, to contribute in the development of education in Mianwali City. He appraised Dr.M.Z.K. Niazi of a Government School building which was lying vacant. It could not be commissioned into use due to shortage of funds. It was built by the District Administration of Mianwali on the instructions of Gul Hameed Khan of Rokhari, who was then Minister in the Government of Pakistan. The original funds came from the Prime Minister’s fund at the disposal of Gul Hameed Khan of Rokhari.

2002, Started

Dr. M.Z.K. Niazi was delighted and honored to be of service to his city. He established the Mianwali Education Trust, throwing in his own resources and soliciting funds from family, friends and from his contacts abroad. Despite a failing heart and a failing health he devoted himself wholly and solely to this effort until he gave up his life in Mianwali in his beloved school while he was addressing the teachers on 26th Nov 2002.

Starting with 5 students and 3 teachers the school to date, by the grace of God has 650 students 70 teachers along with supporting staff. All the Teachers are M.A and M.Sc. They all belong to Mianwali. Dr.M.Z.K.Niazi had full faith in the ability and talents of the people of his area. It is a tribute to Dr.M.Z.K. Niazi, the parents and the teachers themselves that the College has a team of dedicated Educators.

Dr.M.Z.K.Niazi had a vision to see the people of the poor and middle class families of Mianwali progress and become a part of the overall progressive vision of Pakistan. He was convinced that only education can change the face and fate of societies and nations. He believed that a good sound education is a right of every child.

The College belongs to the people of Mianwali. It is a non-profit non-commercial Institution. It cannot be financially self-supporting because of subsidized fees and scholarships. The Trust is trying to build up an endowment fund for the sustainability of the Institution. We have a scholarship program that also encourages donors to sponsor individual students.

MET College is playing an important role in imparting education reform in Pakistan, which will benefit our children for generations to come. We encourage and invite well wishers of Pakistan to visit our College and judge for themselves how valuable their input, material or otherwise would be for those children and families who have little or no resources for the education of their children.

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